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Team Fighting Voice 'FLY OBIC SEAGULLS'

June 16, 2017

The phrase 'FLY  OBIC SEAGULLS' and the statement behind the phrase is what this team is all about.
Never staying grounded and always aspiring to fly higher. Fly above the fray and beyond all expectations. We pride ourselves on being a team that consistently challenges the norm and pushes the limits. 
We would like to encourage everyone in the Obic Seagulls family to join us in our quest to be the best. With one heart and one voice let's Fly! 

【FLY Statement】


Hearts and minds placed upon the wings

The voices deep within our spirit

Faster, Higher
Over and beyond the highest peak

We are also excited about our new theme song. It will include our fighting voice, sung over a solid rhythm and melody that we hope you all will come to love.
We encourage you all to sing along as you cheer on your favorite team!

We Are Seagulls !
(DL#11Kevin Jackson)