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  Dvd's have been on sale for the last couple of weeks at the Seiyu just
down the street from my apartment. I found some pretty cool movies. Movies
that my generation would consider classics. Movies like Goonies, Indiana
Jones and the temple of doom, The empire strikes back, and The last dragon
just to name a few. I would love to talk about all of the different flicks
I bought and how they stir up a lot of childhood memories, but being that
this is a blog on the Seagulls homepage, I have to tie this into football
  One flick that I've watched a few times over the last couple of weeks is
Rocky. I wasn't even born when it was first released, but I remember
watching it with my Dad on video when I was younger. I hadn't seen it for
years and I didn't remember a lot of the details in the plot, but I was
suprised to see that it was a well made film. The cinematography was great,
the music second to none, and the makers did a great job of presenting the
characters and forcing the audience to empathize with their challenges and
hardships. Not only was the film entertaining it was inspirational. 

 Being an athlete myself, I always find it helpful to read inspirational
books, watch inspirational documentaries or movies, etc. Just as Rocky was
challenged with different things, so am I challenged with certain things.
Just as the opportunity presented itself to him, so will I have an
opportunity to do something great. What I learned is that we have to make
the most of the chances we get. We never know if or when we will get
another chance. We have to prepare and ready ourselves for when that moment
  We as a team have an opportunity to do something great this year. This
monday is another chance. Individually let's set our goals and standards
high. Do something we have never done before. Let's make the most of it....


2006年 シーガルズ54-22富士通
2005年 シーガルズ35-14富士通
2004年 シーガルズ27-24富士通
2002年 シーガルズ14-7 富士通 (東京スーパー)
2001年 シーガルズ24-14富士通 (Final 6)
1998年 シーガルズ21-19富士通
1993年 シーガルズ31-20富士通



Football season has begun

Football season has begun...


This is the best time of year. I can't stop thinking about football.

It felt good to get back out on the field the other day.

After practicing and beating up on eachother for the last few months or so, we finally got a chance to hit some guys that we don't know.


Things didn't go as smooth as we might have planned, but we came away with the win and that's all that matters...

I'm really looking forward to our next game.. It should be fun.

I'm predicting a lot of fireworks...



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